Frequently Asked Questions

Is this tour suitable for my kids? Is it too scary? Will they understand it?

The rule of thumb we like to use is – “if they’re old enough to read the books, they’re old enough to take the tour”. The Potter Trail has some creepy locations, and a few gruesome historical details, but there’s nothing in here half as likely to give kids nightmares as some of the scary scenes in the books! There’s no-one waiting to jump out or try and scare you – this isn’t a ‘ghost’ or ‘horror’ tour, and is aimed at entertaining, not terrifying!

The tour is designed to engage kids and communicate information clearly. There’s plenty of audience interaction and theatrical touches tailored to keep their attention primed.

We wouldn’t recommend that very young tots/babies come on the tour. A good age guideline is 5+.

Children must be accompanied by an adult. Unaccompanied children will be sent straight to Azkaban!

Are dogs welcome on the tour?

Yes, unless they’re called Fluffy.

Does this tour run in any weather?

Yes, come rain or shine!

My girlfriend/boyfriend/kids are mad about Harry, but I’ve never even read it. Will I find it boring/confusing?

We certainly hope not! Although the tour is focused on the books and films, there’s also plenty of funny, atmospheric and informative content about Edinburgh’s literary history and real-world characters. If all you know about the series is that they’re about the adventures of a schoolboy wizard and are written by JK Rowling, then congratulations – you already know more than enough to enjoy the tour. No prior knowledge is assumed.

I have mobility problems – is this tour for me?

The tour involves about a mile and a half of walking, with frequent stops. Wheelchair users are welcome, but a small number of locations involve crossing grass/slopes. We’ll adapt things so if you can’t visit these locations, you won’t be away from the group for more than a few moments.

I want to bring a birthday party/hen do/club social on the tour. Is that okay?

We’d love to see you! School groups larger than 10 people must book a private tour.

If you book a private tour, you’ll get a more memorable personal experience – and we’ll work with you to tailor the tour just for your group

Are reservations required for the free tours?

No, all tours are drop-in – no need to book in advance. Just make sure you turn up in good time for the listed start time as tours do begin on the dot!

I’m exceedingly generous! Do you have a guideline amount?

We don’t but you could have a look at some of the other walking tours in the city for a reference point. Once again though, we must reiterate that whatever you can and wish to give is always welcome, and we won’t hold it against you if you choose not to make a contribution.

Can I take photographs?

100% yes! In fact, we’d love you to send us any great snaps for our gallery. No video though, please.

Where does the tour start?

We meet by the famous Greyfriar’s Bobby statue on George IV Bridge, across from the National Museum of Scotland, near the junction between Chambers Street and the George IV Bridge.


Where does the tour end?

Victoria Terrace, which is about three minutes walk from the start point.

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